Friday, September 23, 2011

Wet Weather

It's Alphabe-Thursday at Today's letter is "W". The weather in PA is the wettest weather we have ever had. August went on record as the wettest August on record.
Now, there are some benefits to all this rain. Usually, our flowers are burnt to a crispy brown, but look how beautiful they are.
There are some disadvantages in my garden. Check out the giant purple berried weed in my beautiful Pyracantha.

Weeds have grown to gigantic size along with the growth of the flowers. So you see you have to take the good with the bad.... wet, wet weather!


Splendid Little Stars said...

I've noticed that about the weeds this year. but the plants, too, are so lush. We had record rains in the Spring. and more rain recently, right now, in fact!
Your garden looks Spring-time fresh!

Esther Joy said...

Okay - this is my third time to try to leave a comment. Third time should be a charm! I enjoyed your wet weather plants, even your weeds! I clicked on them to enlarge them and get the full benefit!

beckyp said...

your flowers are beautiful

Judie said...

Since the monsoons have left us for the year, it is very dry in Tucson, and also very hot! My flowers flourished during the monsoons, however.

Your photos are wonderful!!!

Beth said...

Thanks for the comments. I'm sorry that people had a problem posting. I don't know what the problem is. Esther, you are persistant,thank you.