Monday, December 26, 2011

15 Artists 15 Journals 15 months

 The drama that unfolded over an international journal swap was intriguing. A swap was started with 17 artists. It started off shaky due to the originator disappearing for periods of time with very unusual explanations.
 To make a very long story short, the very ingenious women of this site solved the problems and we are now known as 15 Artists 15 Journals 15 Months (plus 1 artist). Check out our wonderful blog created by Kalona with the input of all the other women.

Wichtel Ornament

 Palma, at  had a wonderful international vintage ornament exchange for Christmas. It was called a Wichtel, which is German for Secret Santa. Many people signed up from all over the world.
 As Christmas neared, the members started to receive their gifts from their secret Santa. They can be viewed on the site 
 The artistic talents of these lovely ladies is nothing less than amazing. The ornament that was to be sent to me was never made or sent. Palma, bless her heart, has arranged for another kind spirit to make an extra ornament for me. I wait with anticipation for its arrival.
 The ornament I made went to Maine. I hope she likes it as much as I enjoyed making it. Here is the Wichtel ornament That I made.
 Merry Christmas to all!