Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January Art Journal Day 20

Use a front door. I down loaded Milliande's choice of a front door. It looks nothing like my front door. I drew it in a log cabin in the woods. This isn't my choice of where I would live. So why did I make this pick? I think I know why.  It signifies peace and solitude. I know I need this in my life!

January Art Journal Day 19

Day 19 challenge was to incorporate a toy talisman from childhood. I couldn't remember any toy that had been my favorite. Then I remembered my vacation at Stone Harbor, NJ when I was 12 years old. This journal entry tells the story of an event during that vacation.

January Art Journal Day 18

Lettering. I remember seeing a lettering artist that had a gray blue background with dark blue lettering. I thought the combination was pretty. As it is the middle of January, it has been frigid and snowy. The lettering needed some snow.

January Art Journal Day 17

Today's challenge is to use the pear, make art using different mediums. I used pastels for one pear. The red pear is a collage

January Art Journal Day 16

Pick your favorite number and incorporate it into you art. I always, don't ask me why, liked the number 22. I decided to use the number 2. My question is: Does everyone have two sides to them? Is one side dark, somber and serious and the other side light, cheery and happy? This is how I interpreted the number 2.

Monday, January 17, 2011

January Art Journal Day 14

Today's visual journey was Story of Woman. A serious thought that there is a universalness that unites us.  Milliande had downloads of either stone or bronze female heads. She suggested that we use one or more of the heads. They were so hard looking...all I could think, was how could I lighten this up. That's how I came up with the Smile Have Fun sign.
 I believe this art journey, that is uniting us, does bring many smiles to our faces and I know I am having much fun.

January Art Journal Day 14

 Day 14 challenge is Mirror, Mirror.  I liked this challenge. It took me to a comfy spot... the way I like to draw.  I love drawing faces and figures. I added zentangles around the mirror, then muted them. I wanted  the face to hold the attention. I named this Looking in the Mirror.

January Art Journal Day 13

 Taking lines for a walk, in other words, the challenge was to draw lines. Let the lines go where ever....gaze  into the lines and see what emerges. I saw many creatures, happy to come out of hiding. I called this piece " Crazy Friends Come Out of Hiding".

Friday, January 14, 2011

January Art Journal Day 12

This is what happened when I used left over pieces from previous journal days.  It was a day of playing, reminescent of my childhood days playing with paper dolls.  I drew the women in ink and watercolor, then dressed them in crossword puzzle outfits and zebra boots. What a delightful way to use fun scraps. Nothing serious today, just lighthearted play.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

January Art Journal Day 11

Crossword puzzle today. I had a good time writing all the sayings I could think of that relate puzzles and life. Can you think of any? Here are a few that I incorporated into my puzzle. "Sometimes life is a puzzle." "Life is like a crossword puzzle, full of ups and downs." "Never say crosswords before you go to bed.""People are like crossword puzzles full of questions and not always sure of the answer.""Come on down." I could go on but I think you get the idea.

January Art Journal Day 10

 Today my inspiration is dragonfly. Who doesn't love them? They are so airy and dreamy, but, when you look at their textured wings they are elegant. For that reason I drew the dragonfly in silver and placed him in a silver rimmed oval. Inscribed around the oval is part of a poem, The Dragonfly, by Patricia Cummings.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Art Journal Day 9

 Day 9 brings the challenge of layered lines. I used colored pencils to start the page, followed by using paint, stamps, markers and ink pen. 
 I felt this page was a representation of  the makeup of mankind. We consist of many layers as the drawing does. I made the drawing simple but complex and colorful but blended. That is how I see people.
 I added a quote that I thought matched. The quote is by Johann von Wolfgang Goethe, a genius of German literature.

"Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine."

Monday, January 10, 2011

January Art Journal Day 8

  Challenge was vertical journaling lines. Not wanting to copy Millande I went off in my own style. I love the use of lines and structure. My journal page was measured out and painted with watercolour pencils. I ripped pieces of black art paper which I adhered to the watercolor, then, spattered white and black acrylic paint all over I added the last stanza of a poem by Sri Chinmoy. I called the painting Confusion. Below is the poem.

If you want to solve  
All the confusion-problems
Of your mind,
Then resolve to live
Inside the illumination
Of your heart-sky.

       Poem by Sri Chinmoy

January Art Journal Day 7

Zebras and windows??? The funny thing about this entry was how it turned out. It doesn't look like my style. It's much more comic-like than the way I usually draw. It's odd the way some journeys take you.

January Art Journal Day 6

 Today's journal challenge was millipede me. I didn't really get the idea of millipedes combined with zebras. I thought it was silly. I did get into it once I started and, truthfully, stayed up almost all night working on it excited to complete it.
 It was supposed to represent me. It really doesn't because I'm not a big shopper and only drove a scooter once while vacationing in Bermuda. I found it fun using multiple pictures collaged, stained and distressed. On top of the pictures was millipede me on my scooter with my multiple shopping bags. I named the picture Dressed for a Day of International Shopping.

 Artist, Guido Daniele, is famous for the beautiful hand paintings he does. In his honor today we are tracing our hand and making artistic pictures of zebras from those tracings. I continued with the use of acrylics and pen. I added a personal poem about my hand.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

January Art Journal Day 4

 Today is day 4 challenge. The challenge was to incorporate zebra stripes into a face. I decided to challenge myself and move into the use of acrylics. I love the strength and power of the colors, definitely nothing wishy washy about acrylics. I call her Strength in Zebra Stripes.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January Art Journal Day 3

 Today is day 3 of art journal challenge.  The method for today's journal page was to make our own zebra stamp blocks. I remember, as a child, carving potatoes, pressing them into paint and making designs.

 This seemed like a good time to revisit my childhood and start carving zebra designs into the potatoes. Below, you will see the potatoes  I carved. They were used as the sky, sun and grass.

  I thought it befitting to use playful baby zebras which I carved from FIMO modeling clay. As you look at my page I hope it brings back those sweet, happy childhood memories. As the page whispers to you, "Play and have fun like children...."

First Monday of the month challege

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Monday, January 3, 2011

January Art Journal Day 2

January Art Journal Day1

  I have joined a wonderful international online mixed art community for creative women called Milliande Art Community for Women. The site has many different groups to join.

  A fun and creative way to start the new year is a group that is devoted to art journal. I will attempt to journal daily. The theme that has been chosen is  to start at the end with Z. The inspiration is zerbra and we will follow along with this inspirational idea as long as the creative juices flow. Above is Day 1, "Shine".