Wednesday, January 27, 2016


 It is "Warm Heart Wednesday" hosted by Jenny.

 It would be our first snow this winter. The weather channels forecasted 12"-18" of snow for the weekend. The snow started Friday night and continued through Saturday. on and off.  It was a light, soft snow. It was hard to measure exactly how much snow we actually received because the wind was so fierce the snow drifted.

 Tim, my husband, went out to clear our driveway and sidewalk. Our neighbor, Kevin, has a snow blower and he loves his machine! Not only does he do his sidewalk, but he does the whole block. Yes, our sidewalk was done.

 On to the driveway and our next door neighbor, Bart, comes out with his snow blower. Our driveway connects with Bart's drive. Tim and Bart, together, get the driveway done in record time!

I love my neighborhood! We have the kindest, friendliest and most helpful neighbors.

                                           A picture from our town taken by a neighbor.


Jim said...

Hi Beth ~~ You do have nice neighbors. I don't know your ages but my BIL is pretty old, about two years younger than me. His neighbors also blow his drive, guess they think that is better than a heart attack. No snow where we live, Texas Gulf Coast area, maybe every 10 years.
When I lived in New Hampshire the snow blower was just being invented. Trains had them. And once I would get the drive opened for getting to work, the snow plows came through and closed the end up again. More shoveling.
Our turnout was very good. More people in church than it seemed before too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a great neighbor, sharing his machine with the neighborhood! This snowy pic looks very pretty! We had snow from Christmas eve to Jan 3red, and al my grandkids got to be in the snow when they visited us!

Susan Anderson said...

Good neighbors are priceless!


Betty said...

That's so nice when the neighbors come together and help each other out.

Gattina said...

That is wonderful ! It's so important to have good neighbors !

Anonymous said...

How nice to have the help of a good neighbor!

carol l mckenna said...

You certainly are blessed with good neighbors ~

Wishing you a magical week ~ ^_^

Jenny said...

I love when you live in a neighborhood and not just an isolated house.

I'm glad you have such good help!

And I bet they count on you both for lots of things, too.

Thanks for sharing this heart warming post for week 11.