Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Art Pins

I've never been very interested in making jewelry til now. At I have met the most fantastic artistic women. We decided to do a pin or brooch swap. The beautiful ideas that came about were awesome. How could you not be swayed to try your own imagination into whatever you wanted to make. There were so many ideas... fabric, thread, clay, metal, fabric, wood. I was up for the challenge. But, what.... So many ideas, so many new things to try, I thought and thought.

Tim had a pocket full of round washers in different sizes. I love the idea of using things I have on hand and I really liked the shape. I investigated washers on Oh,yeah, this was what I was going to do. Not so easy because I had too many ideas swimming in my head. I eventually reined the ideas in and finished thm.

First, I inked and alcoholed them. I added beads to some and old earring parts.  Most I added a thick varnish coat. I really liked the way they came out.

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Kalona said...

These look so professional and sumptuous!! Great use of materials!! x