Wednesday, January 25, 2012

15 Artists 15 Journals 15 months plus1

I have joined a wonderful group of 16 women artists in an international journal swap. We make a journal, pick a theme, compose our pages, then, send it off to the remaining artists. Each artist constructs a page and passes it on til all have contributed and it returns to the original artist.
After much thought, I decided the theme for my journal would be "Bygone Eras". I have always been attracted to things that are old. I'm fascinated with the way other generations have lived their lives; the way they dress; their hair styles, furnishings, and family pictures. 

  This will be a fun and creative journey. It is a wondrous present to receive and give artwork. The opportunity to have other artists' interpretation is a gift I will truly hold dear.
 My cover is made of leather. I purchased a black leather skirt at a thrift shop. I ran it through the washer several times to get the worn look. Then, used several inks to get it to the color I was looking for.


 My introduction page:

 Welcome page and artist sign in booklet:

My journal page:

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