Friday, October 21, 2011

Autumn Berries

Over at it is Alphabe-Thursday. It is fall break and the topic is "Autumn Colors". Here in southeast PA it is Fall, one of the loveliest times of the year. The leaves have begun to change to gold, scarlet, and orange. The biggest show of the changing maples has not occurred yet.
I have always been mesmerized by the appearance of all the beautiful berries that suddenly appear. Mother Nature knows that her little creatures will be needing some food when the cold winter(ugh!) descends upon them.
As I went for a morning stroll with my sweet dog, Spencer. I snapped pictures of the beautiful berries in my neighborhood. There are Holly berries, Juniper berries, Vibernum berries, Nandina berries, Winterberries, Pyracantha berries and the beautiful blue and purple berry of the Ampelopsisor vine (porcelain berry).



Lola said...

Beautiful ruby red berries - great ‘Autumn’ post!


Judie said...

I love to decorate at Thanksgiving and Christmas with Pyracantha berries. Holly is too sharp and prickly! Your photos are wonderful. I lived in West Chester for a short time, and it was so beautiful there!!

aprons & Old lace said...

Gorgeous pics! You are so lucky to have such great "decor" so available. I love juniper berries..maybe because I love evergreen trees. :) I've never heard of porceline berries. They are so lovely and plump and full of color. Thanks for stoppin' by aprons and old lace. Loved your blog!

Pondside said...

Out here the berries and rose hips are brighter and fatter than I ever remember. Some say it's because we're going to have a real winter. I hope not! After so many years of living in northern places I am getting attached to our rainy and foggy winters.
Your photos are lovely.

Jenny said...

Beautiful post, Beth! This is lovely.

Can you send me your address?

You are the winner of the Halloween table runner!


jennymatlock at cox dot net

KDL said...

Beautiful berries. I love the pyracanthus, too. Lovely colors - thanks for sharing.

Splendid Little Stars said...

The berries are beautiful, Beth! There were pyracantha berries growing in my yard when I was a child.

Oh I see you won Ms Jenny's giveaway! Congratulations!

Esther Joy said...

Your berry pictures were neat! Our dogwood berries are beautiful this year. The trivit bushes are loaded - they aren't pretty, but they attract a lot of pretty birds who love to eat them!