Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Milliande July Journal Page Swap

The first theme was "The Day The Earth Stood Still".  It was a film made in 1951. An alien and his robot, Gort, land on Earth with the message," The people on Earth must live peacefully or be destroyed as they are a danger to other planets."  I made a multi media piece starring Gort. 

The second theme was "Kites".  Kites always remind me of family, summertime and the beach. Tim and I would take our grandkids, Bethanee, Joey and Sammy to Seaside Park, NJ to visit my sister, Rosa, and her hubby, Mike. Every summer they would rent a home there.  They would graciously invite us to visit. At least one afternoon would be spent on the beach flying kites. What a great memory! Here is my interpretation. It is dedicated to Mike, who left this life suddenly in October 2009.

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